About Lon Kieffer, aka, DOC the "Defender Of Caregivers"


Lon Kieffer is an RN, an internationally known Motivational Speaker, “EnterTrainer”, Author and Consultant of Common Sense. Lon has spoken to large groups all over the country to healthcare, business, and other goal-driven organizations.

Lon learned his “Get Out of Bed and Go to Work!” philosophy from working with Nurses in a Nursing Home. After working with an amazing group of Caregiver’s he developed and further honed his “Love, Laugh and Learn” viewpoint into his own brand and “EnterTraining” style of speaking and then, DOC, the "Defender Of Caregivers" was both Born and Born(e).

defending the caregiver.playbill.jpg

Lon Kieffer, (see "About Lon") provides a one-hour, one-man Comedic Dramatic play called "Defending the Caregiver"" that uses the steps of "AWAREness... ACCEPTance... ALLOWance..." to help us realize our true internal value and amazing power simply by learning to listen to the, "word of DOC!" that is in each and every one of us!