About DOC, aka, the "Defender Of Caregivers" a positive inner monologue for all Caregivers!


We all have voices in our head! 

It's perfectly normal because these voices are our own internal monolgue... some call it a conscience; some call it Morals or Values... others say it is GOD... I refer to it as the, "word of DOC!"

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Lon Kieffer, (see "About Lon") provides a one-hour, one-man Comedic Dramatic play called "Defending the Caregiver"" that uses the steps of "AWAREness... ACCEPTance... ALLOWance..." to help us realize our true internal value and amazing power simply by learning to listen to the, "word of DOC!" that is in each and every one of us!

All of us experience negative or "Stinkin' Thinkin'" from time-to-time when we are under stress. 

These "Cognitive Distortions*" are negative thinking patterns that can lead us to despair... depression... or if nothing esle, just cause us to waste a lot of energy and emotion and breed negativity!

Well... if "stress" is the cause... who is more likely to experience these thoughts than Caregivers?

Meet DOC... the "Defender Of Caregivers"... DOC is an always calm, always rational, clear thinking version of ME (and one day... of YOU!)

DOC is in each and every one of us... speaking to us... we just need to learn to be able o hear and listen to him (or her)...

To learn more about DOC and become a part of something greater than yourself... for you might be lonely but you are not alone... join us at:  DOC's DEN and on Facebook.


* The concept of "Cognitive Distortions" was first identified by David Burns. M.D. in his book, "Feeling Good:  The New Mood Therapy"