Tim Wambach of HandicapThis - (Caregiver, Actor, Advocate)

Tim is the kind of guy that, as a young man looking for direction, accepted a job that no one else wanted; as a Caregiver for an elementary school kid with Cerebral Palsy and a laser sharp comedic personality. Little did he (they) know that this would turn into a new direction in their lives, a mission, and a message known as HandicapThis... together, Tim and Mike Berkson share their message of tolerance and inclusion in over 300 performances, traveled more than 77,000 miles and performed for more than 100,000 audience members and in this episode Tim tells us his Caregiver Story.

Podcast Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/tim-wambach-handicapthis/id1472081405?i=1000448152077

HandicapThis Link: http://handicapthis.com/